An international Grant won by Prof.S.N.Surendran

Split-site Research Collaboration Funded by Swiss National Science Foundation under the SPIRIT – Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Team at University of Berne,Switzerland and University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka: Grant Number: IZSTZO_191762

Prof. S.N.Surendran secured a research grant from Switzerland National Science Foundation, under the – Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Team (SPIRIT) worth of 152,158.00 CHF for 36 months. The study will investigate the molecular mechanisms of mosquitoes that adapting to the saltwater environment in Jaffna. Under this program, two PhD studentships are available for the University of Jaffna to work under the split-site category (the University of Berne and the University of Jaffna).
This research will explore and apply advanced molecular (RNA seq, fusion protein, and epigenetics) and electron microscopic techniques. Two local PhD candidates will be trained on the application of these new
tools. This is expected to strengthen the research capabilities of the University of Jaffna and contribute to human resource development. Apart from establishing new knowledge in the research field, human and infrastructure development is expected to be the main outcome of this collaboration. In addition, a training program on bioinformatics for 50 local participants is scheduled and this will be conducted by the investigators affiliated with the University of Bern.