ZSA (Zoological Students’ Association) is the initiative taken by the Department of Zoology with the aim to provide an opportunity for the Zoology students to do extracurricular activities and enhance their leadership quality. The first general body was formed in 2013 with the Head of the department (Dr.Ms.R.Gnaneswaran) as patron and Prof.S.N.Surendran as the first senior treasurer. The current committee is the seventh one and they have achieved some commendable goals. The senior treasurer for the current committee is Dr.Mrs.Thulasitha William Shanthakumar.

Past Committees

Year Batch No. From To President Secretary Junior Treasurer Editor Senior Treasurer  
2013/2014 34th Jan.2013 Jan.2014 Ms. S. Kokila Ms. V. Yalini Mr. K. Rakavan Mr. P. Surenthar Prof.S.N.Surendran  
2014/2015 35th Jan.2014 Jan.2015 Ms. S.Vaisnavi Ms. S. Mathuja Ms. Lusani Piumika Ms. J.M.C. Rufeena Dr.T. Eswaramohan  
2015/2016 36th Jan.2015 Feb.2016 Mr. S. Arthiyan Ms.J.M.C. Rufeena Ms. M.J.F. Jumana Ms. S. Prashanthini Dr. (Mrs) A. Sivaruban  
2016/2017 37th Mar.2016 Mar.2017 Ms. R.P.G.N. Rathnaweera Ms.S. Sharanga Ms. S. Kirubalini Ms. K. Kanchanamala Dr. (Mrs) A. Sivaruban  
2017/2018 38th Mar.2017 Mar.2018 Mr. M.  John Priyanth Ms.A.T.N.Amarasinghe Ms.S.Bremavanitha Mr. T. Aranraj Dr.(Mrs).T.W.Shanthakumar  
2018/2019 39th Mar.2018 Jul.2019 Ms. G. Subothini Ms. S. Tharmega Ms.L.Subanky Mr. T. Jananan Dr.(Mrs).T.W.Shanthakumar  
2019/2020 41st Jul.2019 Dec.2020 Mr.A.A.K.P.Amarasinghe Mr.Nadika Abeyaweera Ms.M.A.F.Hasna Miss. V. O. Patrick Dr.(Mrs).T.W.Shanthakumar  
2021/2022 42nd Jan.2021 May.2022 Mr. R.Nirujan Ms. W.M.Y.D.Wanasinghe Ms. C.Thadshayini M.N.Rafeedh Dr.(Mrs).T.W.Shanthakumar  
2022/2023 43rd May.2022   Ms. L.Luxshana Ms. S.Kokularathai Ms. R. Rajamanokari Mr. M.A.A.Haq Ms.R.Nithiyagowri