The grant program aims to support Higher Education Institutions to produce students who are well-qualified academically and also suitably prepared for the world of work and for wider civic and social life. The Department of Zoology won the grant in round 2 and the grant amount is 18 Million LKR. The grant programme is coordinated by Dr.Mrs.A.Sivaruban with Mrs.P.Sivakumar and Dr.K.Gajapathy serving as activity coordinators. Dr.Mrs. Thulasitha William Shanthakumar, Dr.Mrs.A.Sivaruban and Mrs.P.Sivakumar contributed to the proposal for the grant. This page will give information on the progress of the grant.

The detail of activities and the potential impact can be seen in the following attachments:

Outcome indicators 

Proposal Jaffna Zoology

Site report Jaffna Zoology

First Short Term Training Programme on Water quality