ZOL 101 G2: Origin of Life and Evolutionary Biology
ZOL 102 G2: Ecosystems; distribution and characteristics
ZOL 103 G2: Animal cell biology and Bio-molecules (throughout yr)
ZOL 104 G2: Animal diversity
ZOL 105 G2: Animal Histology


ZOL 201 G2: Invertebrate Phylogeny and Biology
ZOL 202 G2: Vertebrate Phylogeny and Biology
ZOL 203 G2: Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
ZOL 204 G2: Animal Ecology
ZOL 205 G2: Animal Behaviour


ZOL 301G2: Developmental Biology
ZOL 302G2: Environmental and Conservation Biology
ZOL 303G2: Parasitology and Vector Biology
ZOL 304G2: Entomology and Pest biology
ZOL 305 G2: Molecular Genetics
ZOL 306 G2: Molecular Genetics
ZOL 307 G2: Ichthyology, and Mammalogy
ZOL 308 G2: Statistics for Zoology

Level 3M

ZOL 301 M3: Pest Management
ZOL 302 M3: Limnology
ZOL 303 M3: Endocrinology
ZOL 304 M3: Molecular Biology and Immunology
ZOL 305 M2: Wild Life Conservation and Management
ZOL 306 M2: Environmental Toxicology
ZOL 307M2: Research Methodology and Data Analysis

Level 4M

ZOL 401 M3: Advanced Parasitology and Vector Control
ZOL 402 M2: Insect Taxonomy
ZOL 403 M2: Insect Ecology
ZOL 404 M4: Ichthyology and Aquaculture
ZOL 405 M3: Marine Biology
ZOL 406 M2: Herpetology
ZOL 406 M2: Seminar Presentation and Essay
ZOL 407 M6: Research Project
ZOL 408 M2: Advanced Animal Physiology
ZOL 409 M2: Integrated Coastal Management
ZOL410M2: Advanced Evolutionary Biology and Zoo Geography
ZOL411 M2: Ornithology
ZOL 412 M2: Mammalogy
ZOL 413 M2: Forensic Zoology


The detail syllabi can be downloaded here:

Level 1G courses: 1G courses

Level 2G courses: 2G courses

Level 3G courses:3G courses

Level 3M courses:3M courses