Miss.S.Kokila  [Lecturer (probationary)]

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B.Sc. Honours in Zoology (University of Jaffna)

M.Phil. in Zoology, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka (2018)

Sinnathamby N. Surendran, Tibutius T. P. Jayadas, Annathurai Tharsan, VaikunthavasanThiruchenthooran, SharangaSanthirasegaram, KokilaSivabalakrishnan, SelvarajahRaveendran, RanjanRamasamy (2020). Anopheline bionomics, insecticide resistance and transnational dispersion in the context of controlling a possible recurrence of malaria transmission in Jaffna city in northern Sri Lanka. Parasites & Vectors; 13:156.

Sinnathamby N. Surendran, Tibutius T.P. Jayadas, KokilaSivabalakrishnan, SharangaSanthirasegaram, KalingarajahKarvannan, Thilini C. Weerarathne, S.H.P. ParakramaKarunaratne, RanjanRamasamy (2019). Development of the major arboviral vector Aedesaegypti in urban drain water and associated pyrethroid insecticide resistance is a potential global health challenge. Parasites & Vectors; 12:337.

S.N. Surendran, J.P. Marasinghe, K. Gajapathy, T. Tharmatha, K. Sivabalakrishnan, T.C. Weeraratne, S.H.P.P. Karunaratne (2019). Genotyping of Bemisiatabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) Reveals the Presence of Two Genetic Groups in Sri Lanka. Journal of Entomological Science; 54(2):87-93.

Sinnathamby N. Surendran, KokilaSivabalakrishnan , ArthiyanSivasingham, Tibutius T. P. Jayadas, KalingarajahKarvannan, SharangaSanthirasegaram , KanapathyGajapathy, MeenaSenthilnanthanan, S.H.P. ParakrmaKarunaratne, RanjanRamasamy (2019). Anthropogenic Factors Driving Recent Range Expansion of the Malaria Vector Anopheles stephensi. Frontiers in Public Health; 7:53.

KokilaSivabalakrishnan, Thilini C. Weerarathne, AmirtharasaThileepan, S.H.P. ParakramaKarunaratne, RanjanRamasamy and Sinnathamby N. Surendran (2019). Susceptibility to common insecticides and detoxifying enzyme activities in Anopheles sundaicus (sensulato) after cessation of indoor residual spraying of insecticides in the Jaffna Peninsula and its surroundings in northern Sri Lanka. Parasites & Vectors; 12:13.
S.N. Surendran, K. Sivabalakrishnan, T.T.P. Jayadas, S. Santhirasegaram, A. Laheetharan, M. Senthilnanthanan& R. Ramasamy (2019). Adaptation of Aedesaegypti to salinity: Characterized by larger anal papillae in larvae. Journal of Vector Borne Diseases; 55:235–238.

S. N. Surendran, T. Veluppillai, T. Eswaramohan, K. Sivabalakrishnan, F. Noordeen, R. Ramasamy (2018). Salinity tolerant Aedesaegypti and Aedesalbopictus – infection with dengue virus and contribution to dengue transmission in a coastal peninsula. Journal of Vector Borne Diseases; 55(1):26-33.

S.N. Surendran, K. Sivabalakrishnan, K. Gajapathy, S. Arthiyan, T.T.P. Jayadas, K. Karvannan; S. Raveendran, S.H.P. ParakramaKarunaratne, R. Ramasamy (2018). Genotype and Biotype of Invasive Anopheles stephensi in Mannar island of Sri Lanka. Parasites & Vectors; 11:3.


Sivabalakrishnan, O. Karunarathne, C. Thavaranjit, T. Eswaramohan, S.N. Surendran (2019). Assessing entomopathogenic effect of locally isolated fungi on dengue vectors using micro-injection. Proceedings of the 39th annual session of the Institute of Biology, Sri Lanka; Abstract number 3-

TibutiusThaneshPramanayagamJayadas, KokilaSivabalakrishnan, ThiruchenthooranVaikunthavasan, SharangaSanthirasegaram, TharsanAnnathurai, Sinnathamby Noble Surendran (2019). Mosquito diversity in the Jaffna municipal council area. ATBC Asia Pacific Conference 2019; Abstract number 217.

KokilaSivabalakrishnan, Pavilupillai J. Jude, Tibutius T.P Jeyadas, KalingarajahKarvannan, VaikunthavasanThiruchenthooran, Sinnathamby N. Surendran (2019). Cytogenetics of Sri Lankan Anopheles subpictus complex. Proceeding of the Jaffna Science Association abstracts; Abstract number 15(26):15.

Thiruchenthooran, A. Tharsan, Tibutius T.P. Jeyadas, S. Kokila, S. Sharanga, K. Karvannan, S. N. Surendran (2019). Field evaluation of locally developed gravid female traps and mosquito attractant to collect major dengue vectors. Proceeding of the Jaffna Science Association abstracts; Abstract number 17(26):17.

ArthiyanSivasingham, KokilaSivabalakrishnan, Tibutius T.P Jeyadas, KalingarajahKarvannan, SharangaSanthirasegaram, MeenaSenthilnanthanan, UmasuthanSrivigneswaran, Sinnathamby N. Surendran (2018). Limnological characterization of Anopheles stephensi breeding sites in Mannar and Jaffna. Proceedings of the 38th annual sessions of the institute of biology; Abstract number 1:4.

KokilaSivabalakrishnan, Thilini C Weerarathne, SHP ParakramaKarunaratne, RanjanRamasamy, Sinnathamby N. Surendran (2018). Susceptibility of Anopheles subpictus complex in Jaffna and Kilinochchi districts after the cession of indoor residual spraying. Proceeding of the Jaffna Science Association abstracts; Abstract number 25(1):5.

Tibutius T.P Jeyadas, Thilini C. Weerarathne, KokilaSivabalakrishnan, SharangaShanthirasegaram, S.H.P. ParakramaKarunaratne, Sinnathamby N. Surendran (2018). Insecticide susceptibility of polluted water breeding Aedesaegypti in Jaffna. Proceeding of the Jaffna Science Association abstracts; Abstract number 25(1):4.

Sivabalakrishnan, A.Thileepan, R.Manivasakan, K.Gajapathy, S.H.P.P.Karunaratne, R.Ramasamy and S.N.Surendran (2017). Insecticide susceptibility of major malaria vectors in the districts of Jaffna and Kilinochchi after the cessation of indoor residual spraying (IRS). Proceedings of abstracts, National conference on insect vector biology-2016, University of Jaffna; Abstract No: 1-15.

My research focus is on animal physiology and I have worked on fish toxicology, cytogenetics and population genetics of Anopheles mosquitoes. I’m currently involved in a project of Anopheles mosquitoes from Sri Lanka.


University Research Grant-2019: (URG/2019/SEIT/21)