Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments in the Faculty of Science. It was established in 1975 with the vision to improve science education in the region. We are focused to develop the zoological science through a variety of activities including teaching and learning and outreach activities. Our department carries out more outreach programmes and disseminates knowledge to society. We attract a good number of students and our special degree students get 100% job opportunities after their graduation. The department has four spacious labs designated for the use of undergraduates and postgraduate students. The elementary lab is designed to cater to the need for basic undergraduate courses. The animal physiology lab in the NSB II building caters the experiments in animal physiology. The molecular biology lab and microscopy lab with modern facilities are the latest addition to the department facility. The department also has an indoor and outdoor insectary and an animal house for rearing animals. Currently, the department has 11 teaching staff members with Dr.T.Eswaramohan as the head of the department.  

List of Heads of the Department

Name Period
Dr.T.Eswaramohan 2018- Present
Dr.Mrs.R.Gnaneswaran 2011- 2018
Mrs.N.Rajan 2009-2011
Prof.Mrs.S.Kuganathan 2004-2009
Late Dr.Mrs.P.Krishnaraja