A condolence message: Mrs. Navamani Selvarajah – Associate Professor in Zoology and former Head, Department of Zoology

The demise of an eminent professor in Zoology has created a vacuum in the University of Jaffna community. She had profound command in Limnology and general Zoology during her career with the Department of Zoology. Her research publications were accepted by international journals. She has contributed to several special degrees [Hons.] and Master of Philosophy [M.Phil.] degree students with relentless guidance. Many of her former students have excelled in Zoology and have reached administrative and academic-faculty positions within Sri Lanka and worldwide. 

She was very courteous and cordial in her period as a Head, Department of Zoology. She was very well accepted by all administrative and academic staff of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. She has authored many books in Tamil and English in various aspects of academic and social spheres.